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Как получить баллы? Реклама Политика конфиденциальности Скачай для Android Скачай для Android. Instructions for use Title Открытие I Государственной Думы: народы, регионы, власть Author(s) Циунчук, РустемAuthor: Рустем Циунчук. Diplomatic Missions Select Continent: Berlin, Germany. Paris, France. Madrid, Spain. Ankara, Turkey. London, England. Brussels, Belgium. Brussels, European. Tournament Открытое Зимнее Первенство Казани по футболу среди Создать и вывести для. Вход на занятия свободен для всех желающих! Убедительная просьба по всем вопросам.

Be online with sport of your city - install mobile app Goalstream! Credit cards payment service is delivered by Yandex.

Boost your site! Choose a destination tournament where we will move a players application of this team. Unfinished tournaments of the same organization where players applications are demanded , are available for select. In order to perform this action you must be an administrator of the tournament. Login and become administrator!

Открытое Зимнее Первенство Казани по футболу среди юношей г. Create season. To my conversations To my conversations.

Unread conversations. Last conversations. Previous dialogues with your friends as well as team and tournaments chats are also listed on Messages Messages. You can also find chats of tournaments, you are participating, in your Messages Messages. There you can find a publish block with editor to create a media-posts.

Incoming requests. Premium features. Gather your friends on the team site, elect a captain, and additional options will be opened. Comparison to the same region, age, gender, sport teams is available - you can easily understand, how good a team is, just by markers colors. There you can invite teams, which were already in the system, to participate in tournament this, who are administered by you, will be registered automatically or create a new ones.

You want to save a big ammount of money, time and resources for your organization?

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My sportsman status. My transfer market status. Personal Premium. You can manage a sportsman profile settings on his page, with the section Manage of upper menu.

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  • And on your own page , you can set an invidual appearance, state contacts and choose a link for a page. While on your own profile page , you can manage if you are searching for a team now or not - in the Manage section of the upper menu. Comparison to the same region, age, gender players is available - you can easily understand, how good a player is, just by markers colors.

    Last played match. Closest match. Forecasts can be made in 10 days interval before the game. Major sports organizations of my region. Biggest city. Live tournaments. Upcoming tournaments.

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  • Fifa world cup To my page. Даты проведения. Предыдущий победитель. Сыграно матчей. Прогресс сезона. Ближайший матч. My account.

    Interface language. Friend requests. You can find users in the Search section of this menu. You can request a mail again in the site login form. Tournament is looking for admin. Click to become! Thank you! By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our User agreement and Offer. Sign Up. Mobile app.

    Add new playground to the map Sport map. Time :. Where do we gather players? What will we play?

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    Who can join? How much players do we need?

    Information for participators. Activate your Premium-account and you will be able to: 1. Set unique appearance for your page - colors and background. Take a look at sample. Set a beautiful link to your own page. View all players and teams advanced ratings with no restrictions success diagrams also! Ask our Support a question.

    New level for your team site! Activate Premium-Account for your team and you will be able to: 1. Set your unique team site appearance colors and background. Take a look at example - here.

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    Link your domain name to team page for example club. Add practices to team calendar, lead players gatherings for games in few clicks. Place your partners banners on the team page. Goalstream banners will disappear. QIWI Yandex. Dengi Bank cards Terminals. Please, confirm your payment in opened window. Add video Edit video.

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    This video is about some exact match? Save Add. Add album Edit album. Template constructor. After applying changes to layout using this contstructor, further changes will only be possible with constructor also. Template title. Logo type. Lineups type. Goalscorers in list.

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  • Header background color. Upload Clear. Show teams logos Yes. Align Left.

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    Background color Custom color. Vice versa. Top border size. Custom color.

    Save template. Create invoice. Income tournament organization. Outgo tournament organization.