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Russia: Monarchist Nostalgia Remains Powerful

Some of them turned their attention to the living descendents of the Romanov dynasty. In , Yeltsin attended a state ceremony to bury the remains of the last Russian emperor, Nicolas II, and his family, who were killed by the Bolsheviks in Since that time, Russia has seen a boom in the number of monarchist organizations.

Recent years have seen the release of hundreds of books and films about the monarchy.

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  • Many intellectuals and cultural icons have also jumped on the monarchy bandwagon. Stanislav Belkovsky, the founder of the National Strategy Institute, said in February "I believe that the restoration of the monarchy, either formally or informally, is the only choice for Russia, since it is the only way to restore the sanctity of the supreme power.

    In , a book called "Project Russia," by unnamed authors, appeared on the website of a state security veterans organization in St.

    The book argues that Russia was a monarchy for 1, years and, even after , it became a republic only nominally.

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    The book suggests using the media -- movies, documentaries, talk shows, lectures, and newspapers -- to sell the monarchy to the Russian people. Over the last 10 years, the number of Russians supporting monarchist ideas has risen threefold.

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    Support is higher in Moscow and St. Many Putin supporters would relish the idea of an anointed successor rather than have to bother with a presidential election.

    There is also an international dimension.

    And reviving the monarchy goes hand in hand with the rejection of the February and October revolutions in Russia. Because those revolutions paved the way for the independence of the Baltic states, Georgia, and Ukraine, among others, revanchists could use the opportunity to revive territorial claims on parts of the former Russian Empire.

    But others worry that the monarchist fervor might not stop at mere territorial issues. One Russian humorist quipped recently that the "new Russians," surely the aristocrats of their age, "want to restore the monarchy only in order to restore serfdom.

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    Since the Russian Constitution bars him from seeking a third consecutive term, this event threatens to present a crisis in a country that has a history of managed power transitions. Already, Russian politics are dominated by the ominous question.

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    Russia has seen a boom in the number of monarchist organizations. Russia Beyond New Feature Alert Signup Widget.

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